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About the Course

Participants in the annual Saint Croix Fat Cat will paddle, run and pedal their way along one of the finest routes we could dream up! Racers will paddle a 3.8 mile stretch on the Saint Croix National Riverway.  Participants will begin by paddling downstream from Scandia's Log House Landing, around Greenburg Island and then back upstream into William O'Brien State Park.  They exit the river and run a 5.5 mile majestic route through the park, ending at the Scandia-Marine Lions Park.  From there, participants will bicycle 11 miles along the shores of Big Marine Lake and through some of Scandia's idyllic back roads finishing back at the Lions Park where they can enjoy a complimentary snack & beverage.  All participants will also receive a race-day T-Shirt with special awards for the top finishers in each division.  Please join us for a day of exercise, food, music, and  FUN!


All proceeds go back to our communities, education, and Lions causes.

Paddle Segment

The race will begin at the Log House Landing on the St. Croix River in Scandia.  This segment will total approximately 3.8 miles of paddling down the river and around Greenburg Island.  The majority of this segment is downstream, with the last portion after rounding Greenburg Island being back upstream.  Participants will exit the river at William O'Brien State Park and transition to the running segment.

The paddling portion of the race is indicated by the yellow line on the course map at the bottom of this page.

Run Segment


The running portion of the traiathlon will take you through the scenic trails at William O'Brien State Park. Participants will exit the park on the western border and will then follow Oxboro Avenue south to Old Marine Trail. The course then follows Old Marine Trail to the west and ends at the Scandia-Marine Lions Park (next to the Hay Lake School Museum). Total running distance is approximately 5.5 miles.  

The running portion of the race is indicated by the red line on the course map at the bottom of this page.

Biking Segment


The biking segment will be an approximately 11 mile circuit made up of two "loops" that begin and end at the Scandia-Marine Lions Park.  Participants will begin the first loop by travelling south on Olinda Trail (County Road 3) to 185th Street.  From there the course will head west and follow the roads along the shores of Big Marine Lake. The first loop will follow Meadowridge Trail to Lakamaga Ave, west to Maxwill Avenue, north to Mayberry Trail, east to 195th Street, and back east out to Olinda Trail where riders will travel north to 202nd Street to complete the second, smaller loop.  The course will follow 202nd Street east to 197th Street, east to Oxboro where riders will travel along the shores of Sand Lake, heading south to Old Marine Trail.  The final stretch will follow Old Marine Trail back to the west, finishing at the Lions Park.

The biking portion of the race is indicated by the green line on the course map at the bottom of this page.

Run Segment Elevation Map
Race Map


We have several maps available for review.  The basic map below shows the three legs of the race.  The paddling portion is in yellow, the running portion is in red, and the biking portion is in green. This same map is available in other formats as well by clicking on the links below. Use large scale race map link to zoom in on road names and if needed, write them on your printable map.  You can also see aerial imagery and topography here if desired by clicking on the Basemap button on top left.


Printable PDF Race Map

Interactive Race Elevations Map

Large Scale Race Map

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