COVID-19 Update

In the event we decide to cancel this year's event due to the virus, you will have the option to either carry over your registration fee (minus some expenses that we cannot get back) to the 2021 race OR, you can release your fee and all funds raised this year will go toward community health needs due to this pandemic via the Scandia-Marine Lions Foundation.  This will be done quickly and with best intent and may include families in need, food shelves or medical needs for professionals on the front line as examples.  Our sponsors will be given the same opportunities.  If you do release your fee, you will be mailed a receipt from the Foundation for tax purposes.  IMPORTANT:  THERE IS NO NEED TO DO ANYTHING AT THIS TIME.   You will receive a message with time to respond should this event be canceled.   We would not make a decision for quite some time, just want to communicate to you that we have developed a plan.

Registration for the 2020 Fat Cat Is Now Open!


7th Annual Fat Cat

Saturday July 11, 2020

Registration for our 7th Annual Saint Croix Fat Cat Triathlon - PADDLE * RUN * BIKE event is now open!  We look forward to seeing you at the 2020 Fat Cat!


This event could never be possible without our incredible sponsors.  Each year we are able to donate a sizeable amount back to the community thanks to the generosity of these sponsors.  Take a moment to thank them and certainly support their businesses!

How did you do?  Compare your results with your fellow competitors and see how you have done year over year.

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